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Welcome to Beekeeping 101, a growing source of information for beginners wanting to join the rewarding world of apiculture.

Our goal is to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to call yourself a full-fledged beekeeper. From the basics of hive management to trending beekeeping practices, we’ll provide you with everything required to get up and running with your first—and probably not last—sustainable hive.

The Honey Bee Life Cycle

Honey bees are very industrious and well organized creatures. As a unit, they work to build their colony and expand their population [...]

How do bees make honey?

The word ‘honey’ holds a mystical, positive place in our language. Some people believe that the term ‘honey moon’ comes from the [...]

Why Raise Honeybees?

Maybe you know someone, a friend or relative, that has taken up beekeeping. For many, this hobby provides more than a means [...]

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