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If you’re looking for information on apiculture, are in the market for beekeeping supplies or just want to know what all this hype around bees is about, you’ll find it here. Our passion for beekeeping has led us to curate an extensive list of tips, best practices and must-have supplies for both new and experienced beekeepers. So take a look around – you’ll bee happy you did!

The Honey Bee Life Cycle

Honey bees are very industrious and well organized creatures. As a unit, they work to build their colony and expand their population through a process called swarming. When bees swarm, about 60% of the [...]

Catching a Bee Swarm: The Basics

Before honeybees became domesticated—in the sense that moveable hives were created and colony development was managed by beekeepers—people gathered honey by finding it in the wild. As beekeeping started to develop, [...]

How do bees make honey?

The word ‘honey’ holds a mystical, positive place in our language. Some people believe that the term ‘honey moon’ comes from the Old Norse tradition of newlyweds consuming mead (fermented honey) for a month [...]

Backyard Beekeeping: Beehive Placement

One of the most common questions beginner beekeepers have when starting out usually concerns beehive placement. The answer to this question comes down to a number of variables. Things like the climate zone, possible regulations, amount of [...]

Why Raise Honeybees?

Maybe you know someone, a friend or relative, that has taken up beekeeping. For many, this hobby provides more than a means of passing the time. There’s a great deal of passion involved in [...]